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Vegetable Ghee

Pure vegetable ghee

Vegetable Ghee

Vegetable Ghee is a vegetarian alternative to this product. It is made up almost entirely of hardened vegetable oil and is free from any milk products. Vegetable Ghee is essentially used in much of the Indian cuisine and is highly favoured for deep frying and making sweets and snacks.

Vegetable Ghee is used for cooking, baking, and frying. It is available in different flavors and blends to suit different requirements.

Slip Melting Point (SMP)Free Fatty Acid as Palmitic (FFA)Moisture & Impurities (M&I)Colour Lovibond 5.25"
36-39°C0.1% max0.1% max5.0R max
40-42°C0.1% max0.1% max5.0R max
SMPTM&I (MAX)IU (MIN)Color (MAX)FFA(max)Flavour
36-39°C0.10%556/3R0.10%Butter / Ghee
40-42°C0.10%506/3R0.10%Butter / Ghee
42-44°C0.10%556/3R0.10%Butter / Ghee
44-48°C0.10%506/3R0.10%Butter / Ghee
48-52°C0.10%506/3R0.10%Butter / Ghee

36-39 / 40-42 / 42-44 / 44-48 / 48-52

Tin: 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L,18L & 20 L